The Countrymen Trailer

October 18, 2018

Join Chris and Brice as they examine the adventures, issues, and comedy of life and travel overseas. Whether you're an Expat, Third Culture Kid, or thinking and dreaming about life or travel abroad, the Countrymen have something for you!

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Episode 1 - The Royal Snackboy

October 29, 2018

Join the Countrymen, Chris and Brice as they take a look into the comedy of current events, travel, culture, and life abroad. Brice interviews Chris and Chris Interviews Brice and we finally learn what a Sporran is used for. 

Episode 1: Bonus Content and Ep. 2 Preview

November 5, 2018

A preview of Episode 2 and some bonus content from Episode 1!

Episode 2 - Vin Diesel and the Toll Pirate

November 12, 2018

Join Chris and Brice as they explore the comedy of current events and adventures abroad. We talk to one of our favorite Serbians about his first impressions of America and we answer some listener questions!

Episode 3 Trailer

November 19, 2018

A peek at some of the content and edits from the upcoming Episode 3!

Episode 3 - This is Your Pilot Speaking

November 26, 2018

Chris and Brice explore the comedy of life and travel abroad. In this episode, the Countrymen interview a commercial airline pilot and ask him some of life's most pressing questions.

Episode 4 - Technology Fails in the Desert

December 10, 2018

Chris calls in from Dubai and Brice tries to keep it together when Chris is transformed into a robot. We meet the world's funniest flight attendant and have some discussion around the value of travel and life abroad. 

Episode 5 - Back-Up Warning

December 25, 2018

Brice and Chris discuss how to adapt to shrinking airplane space and what apps and technology they use to thrive while traveling and living abroad. Join the Countrymen as they look at the fun of Adventures Abroad!

Episode 6 - Britain Has Fallen

January 14, 2019

Chris and Brice ring in the new year with discussions on all things British and an invasion into Canada. Captain Zach join us from the US Military to give us his thoughts on how to make the most of an overseas assignment. 

Episode 7 - Cara Meredith

January 28, 2019

Brice gives Chris some last minute marriage advice and we have an interview with Cara Meredith about the release of her new book, The Color of Life. Join the countrymen for all the adventures life throws at us!